Blade Inductrix FPV Drone

The Blade Inductrix FPV is a quadcopter, indoor, micro tiny whoop FPV quadcoter drone, it is all the rage at the moment. The small, camera equipped, minion-like, drone is perfect for indoor flying whether it’s whizzing round your living room or weaving round your colleagues and their computers in the office.

The Inductrix FPV from Blade builds on the wildly popular platform and transforms it into an incredible FPV machine right out of the box. The Inductrix FPV is equipped with 25mW video transmitter, FPV camera, high performance motors and large 200mAh battery, the Inductrix FPV is capable of flying in the smallest of places with ease. The 25mW video transmitter capable of transmitter on Fatshark channels 1 through 8 and all Raceband channels so you can race several pilots at once. You can select channels from the easy to use button atop the body of the Inductrix. The camera is very lightweight and perfectly protected in the body housing. The antenna we’ve chosen for video transmission is a dipole and designed with durability in mind. Video range of the Inductrix FPV is nearly 100 yards line of sight and more than adequate to fly in any large building or home. Enjoy the view as SAFE® technology makes flying simple and while the ducted propeller design allows you to bounce of walls and objects without crashing! The Inductrix FPV comes out of the box with everything installed on the aircraft itself. All you need to get is a FPV monitor to completes the entire FPV experience!

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The Blade Inductrix FPV BNF

The new Inductrix FPV provides the freedom of flight in a fully ready-to-fly package as well as an FPV Ready Bind-n-Fly version. No soldering or 3D printing required! Enjoy a world you never knew existed when you are in the pilot’s seat of the Inductrix FPV!

If you are looking for that immersive goggle experience, the headset adaptor can be purchased separately as well!


  • High Performance Motors
  • High Performance Motors
  • 200 mAh Battery
  • Optional 4.3 inch FPV Monitor
  • Optional Headset Adaptor
  • LED Lighting
  • Quiet Ducted Fans


  • Approximate Flight Time:Up to 4 min
  • Canopy/Body Material:Plastic
  • Channels:4Channels
  • Completion Level:Bind-N-Fly
  • Flying Weight:24g
  • Height:28mm
  • Length:83mm
  • Main Blade Material:Plastic
  • Main Frame Material:Plastic
  • Main Rotor Head Type:Multi-Rotor
  • Width:83mm

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Blade Inductrix FPV Drone

Blade Inductrix FPV Drone

Blade Inductrix FPV Drone

The Blade Inductrix is the tiny indoor quad that started the Tiny Whoop phenomenon as a quadcopter that everyone modified with new motors and FPV gear to make it a killer micro FPV machine. Blade now introduced the Inductrix FPV Pro with no mods needed.

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